We supply a range of differing and varying sizes of compost, fertilisers, bark and decorative stones for your garden, including popular brands such as Clover, Humax, Levington, Miracle Gro and Westland.  We also stock speciality soils such as Indoor Plant Compost, Orchid Compost and Aquatic Compost.

Our decorative stones and chippings range includes Black Slate 40mm, Cheshire Pink Chippings 11-14mm, Cotswold Buff Chippings 13-20mm, Flamingo Chippings 14-20mm, Green Slate 40mm, Gold Coast Chippings 10mm and 20mm, Plum Slate 40mm, Polar Ice 20mm, Scottish Cobbles 50-75mm and Scottish Pebbles 20-30mm.

As our range is everchanging please visit us to see what is in stock or contact us for more information.